Minister of Health

DR. Fahrettin KOCA

Dr. Fahrettin Koca was born on 2 January 1965 in Konya. He completed his primary and secondary education in his native city and high school in Bursa High School for Boys. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 1988 and received the title of Doctor of Medicine. She completed her specialization in Cerrahpaşa Medical School, Department of Pediatrics at İstanbul University, and became a Child Health and Diseases Specialist in 1995.

He worked as a medical director and as a medical director in various health institutions. And it made significant progress in accordance with established policies transformation in Turkey's health in the health institution holds the presidency. That the President of Turkey Education Health and Research (TESA) was founded in 2009 by the Foundation of Istanbul University's Board of Trustees he was chaired Medipol.

He is married with four children. He is a member of Turkish Pediatric Association, Pediatric Metabolism and Nutrition Association, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Health Profession Committee and Private Hospitals Healthcare Institutions Association (OHSAD). At the same time the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Education Committee Vice-Chairman of the Business Council, Foundation University Hospital Association President and Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Services Exporters' Association of Health Services is the Chairman of the Committee