About Us

In 1989, it started to serve as SSK Regional Hospital with a capacity of 110 beds. After the merger in 2005, he served as Borçka State Hospital until 2018. Since 2018, our hospital has started to serve with 50 beds capacity. Our hospital has a plot area of 20.666.47 square meters and consists of a closed area of 7893 square meters.
Emergency Unit 1 red area, yellow area 1, green area (Polyclinic room) and 1 dressing room is open 24 hours a day. 
The laboratory unit provides 24-hour continuous service and results in the analysis of outpatient patients during the working hours on the same day. Our hospital works with full automation system and patients receive the results of the analysis online from the hospital web site.
X-ray unit serves in 3 different sections, outpatient, emergency and dental (periapical).
There are 8 Polyclinic rooms reserved for Polyclinic services. Polyclinic rooms are located in the C block. Our underlying patient services are located in Block C. Women's birth Service 1, private room and 8 qualified rooms with maternity 2 C Block 3. floor, Internal Affairs,child and HB service 1 private rooms and 10 rooms with C Block 4. on the floor serves.
General Surgery Unit a block 1. there are 2 separate operating rooms and desks on the floor. Intensive care unit with 4 qualified beds a block 1. are on the floor. A Blok on the ground floor Dialysis Unit 6 hemodialysis device has been serving dialysis patients since 2007. Our pharmacy and workshop is located on this floor.
Sterilization unit B Block 1. are on the floor. Administrative floor, head office and other administrative units C Blok 2. it is on the ground floor and the Assistant Chief Physician and IT unit is located on the ground floor.