Which Clinic Should I Apply ?

Internal Diseases (Internal Medicine))


kidney diseases

thyroid disease


diseases of the digestive system

rheumatic diseases

respiratory and sub-respiratory diseases

vKalp, lung and liver diseases

all types of cancer diagnosis       

Valerji-bee allergy


Behcet's disease


gepatit B  

Vince and bowel diseases

cirrhosis disease

vbet failure

Ear Nose Diseases

Ear Infections:

vibration losses

vAkut and chronic ear infections

dizziness associated with vKulak pain

vKulak ringing

diseases of vyuz paralysis and other important nerves in this region

all types of benign and malignant tumors in the vKulak region

congenital deformities of the vKulak and outer ear canal

what are the symptoms of ear infection?

Nose Diseases:

all kinds of inflammations of the mouth and sinuses

Valerian flu

vkk disorders

obstruction of the vurbun, flow

nose and sinus in the area for all kinds of benign and malignant tumors

vurun curvature and deformity

vgin meat

vsaman flu

Throat Diseases:

the lips, oral cavity and throat located in all kinds of inflammatory diseases and benign and malign tumors

treatment of snoring and sleep apnea

treatment of inflammations of the tonsil and adenoid diseases

all types of inflammatory diseases and benign tumors located in the VSS wires (larynx) and pharynx region

vese and speech disorders

esophageal diseases and swallowing disorders


Children's Health and diseases

whooping cough








VG inflammation

middle ear infection


vdiferi ( Kuşpalazı), tetanus

tuberculosis (tuberculosis))

what is iron deficiency anemia?

vGece pee

vGöbek hernia

vhepatitis A and B

leukemia (cancer of the blood))




Anesthesia and Pain (Algology)

V waist and leg cramps

V neck pain

V headaches

V back pain

V shoulder-arm pains

v facial pain-neuralgia

V vascular congestion due to pain

cancer pain v

V causes unspecified pain

acute and chronic pain is treated in the vağri outpatient clinic. For this purpose, intravenous, intramuscular, spinal and epidural patient-controlled analgesia can be applied.In addition, pre-operative evaluation and informed of the patient's surgery, sleep during the operation process, heart, lungs and other vital organs to follow the functions and the pain after the operation is monitored by the anesthesia clinic.

Brain Surgery

tumors that originate from the inside of the brain or spinal cord, or that cause problems from the outside.

balloon formation of veins feeding the tissue or spinal cord ( aneurysm))

arteriovenous malformation, kaverno I like ailments

narrowing of the neck veins called vKarotid stenosis

disorders that develop during the formation of the nervous system, such as meningomyelocele, which is associated with the birth of the brain, called hydrocephalus, and increase in the amount of fluid in the brain cavities, as well as the treatment of congenital defects in the skull.

all kinds of diseases, including vel hernia (lumbar disc disease) and neck hernia

head and spinal cord injuries,

surgery for all types of compression of the arm and leg nerves, trauma and cuts, tumors called vPeriferik nerves

blockage of arteries, etc.

brain bleeds

epilepsy (epilepsy) disease

Parkinson's disease

surgical treatment of a number of psychiatric disorders, such as vocal (obsessive compulsive disorder) 

vTrigeminal neuralgia,severe cervical cancer

VTIC disease (hemifascial spasm) (Functional Neurosurgery)

in recent years, especially "stereotactic radiocerrahi" using methods such as tumor and brain damr patients with a spot shot of lesions, anaesthetics, treatment without anesthetics.

Skin Diseases (Dermatology))

V recurrent intraoral wounds

Acne v

V waist cold

v skin cancer

v eczema, allergic skin diseases

v mushroom

v Nasser

v hair loss

discoloration anywhere in the body (Ala))

V wart

v Pimples

V herpes

V itching

V skin wounds healed or healed later

V skin blemishes

v moles, freckles, birthmarks

v nail disorders

V foot, sweating under the armpit

v hair loss, excessive hair growth

v psoriasis

v Zona

dandruff in V-hairy skin

v skin tumors

Urology Diseases

burning sensation while urinating v

v urinary tract discharge

v frequent urination

V inability to urinate clogging

v, kidney stones, nausea with back pain

v premature ejaculation

V syphilis

V impotence

V infertility

v bladder

Penis problems

Prostate v

v pain in the testicles

V frequent urination at night

bloody urine v

V inflatable bags

hardness in V testicles, swelling

swelling of the skin, redness

Neurology Diseases

v epileptic diseases-fainting (epilepsy)

V spontaneous or high blood pressure,

v a feeling of numbness in the arms and legs

V numbness in hands and feet, chills, burning, tingling, weakness

V numbness at fingertips,

numbness on the left or right side of the body

v-type headache, migraine

v paralysis

vertigo v

V contraction

V dementia

V double vision

v facial pain

v gait disorders

v loss of balance

speech disorder v

V involuntary movements

V memory loss

V forgetfulness

Orthopedics and Traumatology

V pain in joints of the body

V joint pain felt in humid weather

V ankle sprains

V leg, waist, neck, hernia and hip pains

musculoskeletal and joint disorders

V spine shoulder rheumatism

V sciatic

V heel spurs

V all joint pains

v Bond breakouts

V Fiber breakouts

V muscle aches

arm and leg pains due to V falls, fractures

Oral and maxillofacial diseases

scent of VAG

dry mouth v

V bottle rot

V tooth bleaching (bleaching))

V tooth extraction

v dental imaging

V distortion (Orthodontics)

V toothache

V tarta

Infection Diseases

Vgrip, cold

for sale

yellowing in vgöz whites

darkening in the color of the vidrar

loss of appetite, nausea

weakness, fatigue

vkar pain and diarrhea associated with it


vKöpek, cat, etc. bite or scratching by animals

tapeworm, parasite, etc.

or rust metal stinging anywhere in the body

cough, sputum

jaundice carrier

Vestel, sweating (Brucella))

vKene sting

redness, swelling, and pain in the legs.

Cardiology, Diseases

chest pain

vNefes symptoms

vÖdem, bruising on the feet

frequent urination in the night





blackening in veins

Psychiatric Diseases


unnecessary fears

socialization disorder


schizoid personality disorder

vu deficiency




anxiety disorder (anxiety disorder)

social phobia, specific phobia

vax 250

valkol, substance abuse, addiction

learning difficulties

lack of hernia


panic attacks

schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder

sleep disorder (insomnia)

behavior disorder against defects

bipolar disorder (bipolar disorder))

treatments of psychiatric disorders

conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder

vZeka retardation (Mental Retardation))

Obstetrics And Diseases

v pelvic pain

V menstrual irregularity

V painful pain

v excessive menstrual bleeding

v vaginal discharge

V infertility

v sexual function disorders

v breast cancer

v cervical cancer

what is an ectopic pregnancy?

v low voltage

v menopause

v depression after pregnancy

Myoma v

v vaginal yeast

V vaginismus

V lokusa fever

V abortion

v Pregnancy

v birth 

Eye Diseases

V distant vision difficulty

difficulty seeing near v

the clarity of vision of disorder v

V Arpacik

V headache with eye discomfort

v in the eyes of redness, burning sensation

V dry eye

headache ( due to vision impairment))

v sudden vision loss

V sudden emergence of the eye flying, flashes of light

V doping in the eye

V eye pain

V sinking

v itching, burning

V double vision

V eyelid swelling

V pupil inflammation (iritis))

V cataract

V astigmatism

Chest Diseases

vNefes symptoms

V wheezing breathing

v snoring

v cough

V creating a dense context

V blood in the mouth coughing

V chest and side effects

v back, and shoulder pain

V night sweats

V respiratory problems

chest pain caused by a fall or a blow to the chest

V pneumonia

asthma and allergy v

inflammatory diseases of the lung v

v acute and chronic bronchitis, Bronchiectasis

V lung cysts

v lung cancer and other diseases

Occupational (interstitial) pulmonary diseases

v clot to the lungs (pulmonary embolism)

Musculoskeletal Diseases (Diaphragma) between lungs and abdomen)

V fluid collection in the chest

v lung cancer

v TB

V bronchitis

V strangulation

v TB

General Surgery


vtiroid diseases and their operations

pain in the breast

pain spreading to the arm nozzle

breast hardness feeling

the hardness bruising

swelling in the area of vkar pain




vInce bowel