Corporate Goals And Values

Corporate Objective:
    Without interrupting the production of the service, with the least resources, as soon as possible, with the least cost and error-free service production, to meet the needs and needs of the patient relatives and employees.

          Our Corporate Values:
We are responsible for the future of our country.

Our business is important, can not be neglected.

We believe in the importance of a healthy work environment.

We are close to patients and our employees, we offer the most appropriate solutions to your needs and problems.

In the decision-making process, we base participation, transparency and equality.

We share our decisions with open and honest communication.

We value feedback and self-criticism, and create development opportunities.

We recognize our employees, value their ideas and support the production of new ideas.

The value, success and effectiveness of our service process are measured by our participation.

We do not blame employees, we question processes and systems.

We evaluate the issues within the framework of laws, without prejudice, unconditional and good faith.

We know all aspects of our institution, we approach the issues in a holistic approach with the environment.

We will be proud and thrilled to succeed in all our strengths.

We understand and respect differences.

We trust each other's knowledge and skills and work together.

We value each other, we believe together to achieve.